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Cervical Cancer and HPV Infection

25 Sep 2015

HPV infection, an infection caused by Human Papilloma Virus and affecting 33% of women worldwide, if not identified and treated HPV infection may lead to cervical cancer in nearly one third of infected women.

Cervical cancer an invasive cancerous tumor affecting the cervix, in most cases it is caused by an underlying chronic viral infection “HPV infection”; yet, in few cases migratory tumors of the nearby Endometrium or Rectum may also cause this form of cancer.

According to WHO “world health organization” only 13 types of HPV (out of 100) are said to infect women, whereas only two types of these viruses cause cervical cancer in about two thirds of infected women. Most HPV infections clear up in a period of two years, but the risk of transforming into a chronic infection is always present, if not treated it may take years (5-10) before developing cervical cancer; predisposing symptoms if to happen include chronic fatigue, vaginal discharge, cervical polyposis, dyspareunia, loss of appetite, abdominal pressure, backache and depression. get the full article

Last Modified: Friday 25 September 2015 18:05
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