Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is a condition characterized by superficial gastric erosions (superficial mucosal breaks) and gastric mucosal ulcerations (gastric or duodenal ulcers). This is caused by an imbalance between gastric or duodenal mucosal injury and repair… Read More »

31 scientifically proven ways to treat vertigo and dizziness naturally. Perform the epley maneuver. Take CoQ10 supplements. Eat foods high in cysteine, glutathione and N-acetylcysteine (NAC). Take a magnesium supplement. Take a vitamin B12 supplement. Try Acupressure. Take a vitamin D3 supplement. Take Vertigoheel tablets. Take 160-240 mg of ginkgo biloba extract. Drink gastrodia elata tea…. Read More »

Anisakiasis or herring worm disease is a parasitic disease caused by ingestion of parasitic nematodes of the the genus Anisakis (worms). Anisakid nematodes (anisakis larvae) can invade the gastrointestinal wall of humans…. Read More »

15 scientifically proven ways to increase low blood pressure naturally at home. Drink 10 cups of water a day. Eat foods that are high in sodium. Drink 4 cups of coffee a day. Eat anti anemic foods that are good sources of iron. Wear compression stockings. Take 500 mg of Vitamin C per day. Eat raisins. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. Drink a can of sprite daily… Read More »

29 scientifically proven ways to reduce high blood pressure naturally at home. Eat 1 to 4 cloves of fresh garlic a day. Eat potassium-rich foods. Follow a salt free diet. Take 300-600 mg of omega 3 a day. Drink a cup of thyme tea a day. Eat magnesium-rich foods. Eat foods high in anthocyanins. Take 600UI of vitamin D3 daily. Take 100-300 mg of CoQ10 a day. Take 100-200 milligrams of Pycnogenol®. Eat foods high in acetyl-l-carnitine. Eat foods high in melatonin. Take 150-500 mg of resveratrol daily. Eat 80 grams of pistachio nuts. … Read More »

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