30 scientifically proven ways to lighten your skin naturally at home. Stay hydrated. Eat foods high in glutathione. Drink healthy juices that make your skin naturally glow. Get enough vitamin C. Apply a mixture of skin whitening foods and fruits, like papaya, oatmeal, honey, lemon juice, tomato, milk powder, and milk to your skin to make your skin lighter…. Read More »

36 scientifically proven ways to cure migraine headache fast at home. Eat foods that reduce rashes. Apply wet chamomile tea bags on your rash several times a day. Apply neem oil and green tea mixture to the rash. Use a cotton compress with apple cider vinegar. Apply witch hazel liquid extract and green tea mixture to the rash twice a day. Avoid foods that cause allergies. Use DIY rash cream with lavender and aloe vera. Try calamine lotion. Apply hydrocortisone cream. Take Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil supplements. … Read More »

Acne (acne vulgaris or common acne) is a dermal inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous glands caused by a group of unrelated disorders such as lichen planus, folliculitis, herpes zoster, scabies, bad dietary habits, ongoing stress, hormonal disorder, chickenpox and mumps, etc…… Read More »

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