24 scientifically proven ways to stop your gums from bleeding naturally at home. Try chewing xylitol or maltitol gum. Massage your gums with fresh aloe vera gel. Eat foods that can help enhance gum health. Try oil pulling. Gargle with a warm salt water. Gargle with lukewarm black tea throughout your day. Use a cold compress. Use a toothpaste with tea tree oil. Eat foods rich in vitamin C. Eat foods high in vitamin K…. Read More »

16 scientifically proven ways to stop a toothache fast at home. Use an icepack. Bite on a clove. Use OTC pain relievers. Try gargling with arak or vodka. Rinse your mouth with warm saltwater. Apply a local anesthetic. Eat soft foods. Apply steady and firm pressure on the LI 4 acupressure point. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide. Use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth… Read More »

8 scientifically proven ways to remove plaque from teeth at home fast. Try oil pulling. Chew guava leaves on a regular basis. Maintain proper dental hygiene. Try white vinegar. Use Baking soda to kill harmful bacteria, remove plaque and to whiten your teeth. Use ground cloves homemade toothpaste. Use aloe vera gel…. Read More »

23 scientifically proven ways to cure dental cavity at home. Rinse your mouth with homemade licorice mouthwash. Try oil pulling. Eliminate Phytic Acid. Take a Vitamin D supplement. Take a phytase supplement. Consume raw dairy products. Use homemade remineralizing toothpaste. Chew sugar-free gum. Eat foods fortified with calcium and other minerals… Read More »

26 scientifically proven ways to get rid of bad breath naturally at home. Drink up to three cups of sage tea or rosemary tea per day. Chew mint leaves. Chew one or two cloves on a regular basis. Maintain proper dental hygiene. Try oil pulling. Try aloe vera gel. Try white vinegar. … Read More »

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