How to remove tartar from teeth at home fast. Try oil pulling. Use baking soda. Try white vinegar. Use ground cloves. Use the pulp of an aloe vera leaf. Use hydrogen peroxide. Chew a handful of guava leaves. Maintain proper dental hygiene. … Read More »

18 scientifically proven ways to cure tooth cavity pain at home18 scientifically proven ways to cure tooth cavity pain at home. Try a cold compress. Try clove oil. Use OTC painkillers. Use an oral anesthetic. Try ginger and cayenne pepper. Try swishing grape tannin and black tea. Try gargling with vodka or arak. Eat soft foods. Avoid drinking hot drinks. … Read More »

16 scientifically proven ways to strengthen loose teeth naturally. Try oil pulling. Take calcium and vitamin D supplements. Gargle with lukewarm salt water. Maintain proper oral hygiene. Try massaging the gum of the affected tooth with essential oils, like oregano essential oil, clove oil , mustard oil, etc. Try dental bonding…. Read More »

29 scientifically proven ways to whiten teeth naturally at home. Try coconut oil pulling. Try rubbing lemon, orange or banana peels on your teeth. Avoid smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Rinse your teeth with water after drinking a cup of coffee and dark tea…. Read More »

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