Estrogen deficiency during menopause can contribute to alterations in cellular metabolism, fat distribution, and body composition, predisposing women to stress-based diabetic obesity and associated metabolic complications. Understanding the complex interplay between hormonal, metabolic, and psychosocial factors is essential for addressing the unique challenges faced by women during the menopausal transition and optimizing metabolic health and well-being… Read More »

While estrogen deficiency may alleviate symptoms of endometriosis, the use of estrogen-containing therapies such as HRT requires careful consideration and monitoring in women with a history of the disease. Healthcare providers should assess the risks and benefits of hormonal treatments on an individual basis, taking into account the severity of symptoms, disease activity, reproductive goals, and potential complications associated with estrogen exposure…. Read More »

By exploring the intricate interplay between hormonal, neuroendocrine, metabolic, and genetic factors underlying menopause and its associated conditions, we can gain deeper insights into the complexities of women’s health and develop more personalized and targeted approaches to prevention, management, and treatment… Read More »

Estrogen exerts pleiotropic effects on osteoblasts through direct and indirect mechanisms, ultimately promoting bone formation and maintenance. Dysfunction or deficiency of estrogen can lead to impaired osteoblast function, contributing to conditions such as osteoporosis and increased fracture risk… Read More »

The interplay between menopause, estrogen, and stress underscores the importance of holistic approaches to menopausal health that consider the complex interactions between hormonal, physiological, and psychological factors. By addressing stress-related concerns and supporting emotional well-being, women can navigate the menopausal transition with greater resilience and maintain optimal health and quality of life… Read More »

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