How to slow down biological clock naturally

Onion water has long been recognized for its potential health benefits, including its ability to stimulate the synthesis of red blood cells (RBC) and reticulocytes in the bone marrow. RBCs are important for delivering oxygen to tissues and organs throughout the body, and reticulocytes are immature RBCs that indicate increased RBC production in response to a variety of stimuli, including oxidative stress.

Recent research has identified several active compounds in onion water that may contribute to its anti-aging effects, including quercetin, a flavonoid with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Other compounds in onion water, such as sulfur-containing compounds and organosulfur compounds, may also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

In animal studies, onion extract has been shown to increase RBC count and hemoglobin levels, as well as reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. In human studies, onion extract has been shown to improve blood lipid profiles and reduce markers of oxidative stress.

Several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the anti-aging effects of onion water, including its ability to stimulate RBC synthesis and reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. High reticulocyte counts have been associated with improved muscle tone, muscular strength and endurance, as well as a reduced risk of cellular senescence.

Incorporating a daily regimen of consuming a teaspoon of onion water can serve as a proactive measure in maintaining overall health and well-being, potentially keeping medical concerns at bay. This practice not only promotes a healthier lifestyle but also offers a multitude of physiological benefits. Regular consumption of onion water has been associated with enhanced stamina, muscle strength, and oxygen saturation, bolstering physical endurance and vitality. Moreover, it contributes to aesthetic enhancements such as rosier cheeks, smoother and more supple skin, healthier nails, and sharper eyesight, indicative of improved blood circulation and nutrient delivery to vital tissues. Additionally, onion water’s iron-rich composition makes it a valuable ally in combating anemia, replenishing iron stores and supporting red blood cell production. Furthermore, the myriad of essential nutrients found in onion water play a pivotal role in cellular rejuvenation and maintenance, facilitating crucial processes such as homeostasis, hormone synthesis, and cellular repair. By ensuring a steady supply of these vital nutrients, onion water aids in preserving cellular youthfulness and vitality, promoting optimal health and resilience. These rejuvenative processes are particularly active during periods of restorative sleep, aligning with the body’s innate circadian rhythms and contributing to overall well-being. Embracing the daily consumption of onion water thus emerges as a holistic approach to nurturing health and vitality, empowering individuals to proactively safeguard their well-being and vitality.

  1. Increased Stamina: The boost in stamina could be attributed to the improved oxygen transport facilitated by onion water’s iron content, enhancing endurance during physical activities.
  2. Muscle Strength and Size: The potential increase in muscle strength and size might be linked to onion water’s role in promoting hemoglobin synthesis and erythropoiesis, leading to improved oxygen delivery to muscles, thereby enhancing their performance and aiding in muscle growth.
  3. High Oxygen Saturation: Onion water’s iron content supports the production of healthy red blood cells, enhancing oxygen saturation in the bloodstream. Improved oxygen levels can contribute to enhanced physical performance and overall vitality.
  4. Improved Cheek Appearance: The observed changes in cheek appearance, including redness, fullness, and smoothness of the skin, could be indicative of improved blood circulation and enhanced skin health due to the antioxidant properties of onion water.
  5. Healthier Nails and Eyes: The beneficial effects on nails and eyes may be attributed to the antioxidant and nutrient-rich properties of onion water, which can support overall nail and eye health.
  6. Treatment of Anemia: Onion water’s iron content makes it an effective remedy for anemia, addressing deficiencies in red blood cell production and alleviating symptoms associated with low iron levels.
  7. Ideal for Bodybuilders and Athletes: Given its potential benefits in improving stamina, muscle strength, and oxygenation, onion water could indeed be advantageous for individuals engaged in intense physical training, such as bodybuilders and athletes

Overall, the available evidence suggests that onion water and its active compounds may have potential as anti-aging agents, although more research is needed to confirm these effects and determine optimal dosages and formulations.

Verified by: Dr.Diab (April 1, 2024)

Citation: Dr.Diab. (April 1, 2024). How to slow down biological clock naturally. Medcoi Journal of Medicine, 3(2). urn:medcoi:article33088.

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