Apples (яблоки, التفاح) are considered one of the most popular and healthy fruits on the planet. Throughout ages apple fruit (the fruit of eve) had been always regarded as a health shield due to its outstanding nutritional profile with the huge amount of antioxidants loaded in it. … Read More »

Orthodox Treatment for Diabetes Diabetes a multiform disease caused by a wide branched collection of disorders, and thus each of these diabetic forms have its special individual treatment. Situation one, treatment for diabetes where blood sugar level ranges between 125 and 170 Drug Ingredients Pomegranate molasses “extract” – one tablespoon White spirit 95grades – one…… Read More »

Middle-aged men commonly experience benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which can impair the flow of urine from the bladder and lead to problems, such as urinary hesitancy, frequent urination, and UTIs. Here is a natural remedy for men to treat BPH…. Read More »

Typhoid (Typhoid fever, брюшной тиф, حمى التيفوئيد) is a life threatening systemic bacterial infection caused by bacteria of the genus Salmonella, it is characterized by symptoms such as fever, severe intestinal irritation, roseolous rash on the trunk, etc…. Read More »

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