33 scientifically proven ways to stop dandruff and hair fall naturally at home. Eat foods high in biotin. Apply olive oil and baking soda to your scalp. Apply vitamin E oil to your scalp. Apply castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil to your scalp. Mix aloe vera gel with honey, yogurt, and olive oil and apply this to your hair and scalp. Try probiotics. Apply lemon juice and olive oil to your scalp…. Read More »

19 scientifically proven ways to prevent hair fall and dandruff. Take ginseng supplement. Try massaging your scalp with jojoba oil. Apply olive oil and garlic. Apply minoxidil. Apply amla oil. Apply coconut oil. Take a vitamin E supplement. Apply aloe vera gel. Try Eating fresh Indian gooseberry. Try massaging your scalp with jojoba oil…. Read More »

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