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Submit A Case Report [diagnostics and treatment management]


At Medcoi LLC, we are committed to ensuring a user-friendly experience when submitting case reports. We provide clear and detailed guidelines to users, offering step-by-step instructions for uploading essential diagnostic information and describing symptoms accurately. Moreover, our platform incorporates advanced features that offer real-time feedback and guidance on the next steps to take. We understand the importance of clarity and support throughout the process, and our system is designed to provide users with the assistance they need every step of the way.

To submit a new case report, simply follow these steps on Medcoi LLC health platform:

1. Navigate to medcoi health and scroll down to the center of the screen.

2. Click on the prominent "Add Case Report for Review" button.

Submit new Case Report on medcoi LLC

3. Provide a unique title for your report (consider using your name-surname).

4. Fill in the necessary fields with relevant information, leaving any unknown fields blank.

5. In the User Information widget, select your username to link this report to your account.

6. Click "Publish" to submit your case report, which will generate a unique health ID and history disease paper.


submit new case report mha


7. This submission allows doctors to review and discuss your case, validating the document.

validation of new medical case reports on medcoi llc

8. Upon validation, you'll receive a valid medical prescription to initiate diagnostic procedures and begin proper treatment.

9. To get your medical prescription, just log in to your medcoi health account or go to your Account Dashboard [by clicking on the Site Admin button]. Then, scroll down to the Patient History Dashboard and click the "DOWNLOAD PDF" button.



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