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  1. The diagnostic procedure for Status Asthmaticus involves a number of laborious procedures performed to confirm the clinical case. There are various tests and consultation maneuvers conducted by healthcare experts to confirm the diagnosis. Doctors ask the patients about their condition and seek to identify and clarify the conditions that surrounded the patient before and during the asthmatic attack. Pulmonary function test is taken in this case to diagnose the disease. This test is performed to measure the function of lungs. Some tests are also conducted to check for bronchial hypersensitivity “bronchial hyperresponsiveness” towards some particles, pollen or foods, and thus to confirm whether you have an allergy or not. The level of immunoglobulin is also measured. Moreover, a blood test is also conducted to confirm the diagnosis of Status Asthmaticus. (R. Diab, MD, Medcoi LLC, 20 Aug, 2012)


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