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  1. An acute severe asthma attack can cause symptoms such as:

    1. Dyspnea or shortness of breath
    2. Difficulty breathing when lying down (breathlessness and shortness of breath when lying down), you feel that breathing is easy only when sitting or standing while bending forward.
    3. Stiff neck and strained abdominal muscles
    4. Hunched shoulders.
    5. Not able to communicate and concentrate
    6. Agitation, you may feel agitated, stirred up, tense, or confused
    7. Cyanosis of the lips (blue lips, bluish lips, or cyanotic lips), bluish discoloration of the lips and mouth (central cyanosis) occurs due to poor oxygen circulation in the blood.
    8. You feel that your chest is closed
    9. Feeling breathless especially when sleeping
    10. Not able to speak a full sentence
    11. Tightness in Chest


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