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  1. Please follow the steps listed below if you suspect a shock, though being asymptomatic in the post traumatic period is common.

    1. Immediately call 911 or dial any local emergency number. (R. Diab, MD, Medcoi LLC, 30 Oct, 2013)
    2. Check for the vital signs of circulation and respiration (activity, breath, movement), and if absent begin CPR. (R. Diab, MD, Medcoi LLC, 30 Oct, 2013)
    3. Put the patient in shock position, ask the person (lying down on his back) to put one feet over another, or just to elevate his legs above heart level, raise the feet above head level, if this position/movement proves painful or if raising the legs will cause more injury, then ask the patient to stay still. (R. Diab, MD, Medcoi LLC, 30 Oct, 2013)
    4. Keep the patient warm and relaxed, by loosening his belts, removing tight clothes and giving him a blanket.
    5. You shouldn’t give food nor drink to a person in shock, even if the patient complains of thirst or hunger.
    6. In case of vomiting or mouth bleeds, turn the person on his side to prevent chocking.
    7. Try treating the patient’s injuries, such as trauma(s) or fractured bone(s).


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