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Orthodox Treatment for vitiligo

24 Nov 2015

Orthodox Treatment for vitiligo:

Orientation of treatment to fix cosmetic disfigurement

Medical treatment:

  1. Topical & oral corticosteroids
  2. Oral and topical psoralens with PUVA
  3. Khellin in combination with PUVA

However, it’s hard to achieve satisfactory results with those treatments alone.

Melagenena, extracted from the human placenta, has achieved success in the Far East & India.

Cosmetic treatment:

Cover-up cosmetics are usual casual and give a much more satisfactory result “instant” than all of the doubtful medicines; however, it can be used only on small lesions (start of the disease) that can be camouflaged easily with special shadow creams or tanning solutions that do not mark and wipe-off on clothing.

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Orthodox Treatment for vitiligo

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