Common foods used for lunch and dinner in the Anti-Diabetic Keto Diet and foods that are not allowed The Anti-Diabetic Keto Diet is a variation of the standard ketogenic diet that has been modified to help people with diabetes manage their blood sugar levels This diet focuses on high-fat low-carbohydrate foods to promote ketosis a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for energy instead of glucose Here are some common foods used for lunch and dinner in the Anti-Diabetic Keto Diet and foods that are not allowed Common Foods Used for Lunch ul li Leafy green salads with avocado nuts seeds and low-carbohydrate vegetables e g cucumbers cherry tomatoes and bell peppers li li High-fat proteins like tuna salmon or chicken with avocado olives and mayonnaise li li Low-carbohydrate soups like broccoli or cauliflower soup with coconut cream or heavy cream li ul Common Foods Used for Dinner ul li Grilled or baked fatty fish e g salmon or mackerel or meat e g beef or lamb li li Low-carbohydrate vegetables like asparagus broccoli and Brussels sprouts li li Healthy fats like avocado olive oil coconut oil and butter li ul Foods that are Not Allowed ul li High-carbohydrate foods like bread pasta rice and cereals li li Sugary foods like candy soda and desserts li li Fruits and starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn li li Processed foods like chips crackers and packaged snacks li li Legumes like beans lentils and chickpeas li ul It is important to note that the Anti-Diabetic Keto Diet is a very restrictive diet that requires careful monitoring of blood sugar levels and potential side effects like nutrient deficiencies and gastrointestinal distress It is recommended to speak to a healthcare provider or registered dietitian before starting any new diet plan… Read More »

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a progressive disorder that affects almost all men as they get older, it is characterized by an enlarged prostate gland. When present, BPE can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as urinary hesitancy, nocturnal polyuria, recurrent urine infections, and hematuria. … Read More »

Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is a condition characterized by superficial gastric erosions (superficial mucosal breaks) and gastric mucosal ulcerations (gastric or duodenal ulcers). This is caused by an imbalance between gastric or duodenal mucosal injury and repair… Read More »

36 scientifically proven ways to cure migraine headache fast at home. Eat foods that reduce rashes. Apply wet chamomile tea bags on your rash several times a day. Apply neem oil and green tea mixture to the rash. Use a cotton compress with apple cider vinegar. Apply witch hazel liquid extract and green tea mixture to the rash twice a day. Avoid foods that cause allergies. Use DIY rash cream with lavender and aloe vera. Try calamine lotion. Apply hydrocortisone cream. Take Vitamin E and Cod Liver Oil supplements. … Read More »

26 scientifically proven ways to decrease LDL and increase HDL cholesterol levels naturally. Take 2.5 g of omega-3 per day. Take 4 tablespoons of olive oil daily. Lose weight. Drink 3 cups of green tea daily. Take rutin supplement. Eat foods high in antioxidants. Take Probiotics. Eliminate trans fats. Add plant sterols and stanols to your diet. Eat foods high in isoflavones…. Read More »

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