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Peptic ulcer disease (PUD) is a condition characterized by superficial gastric erosions (superficial mucosal breaks) and gastric mucosal ulcerations (gastric or duodenal ulcers). This is caused by an imbalance between gastric or duodenal mucosal injury and repair Read More »

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional gastrointestinal disorder (FGID) that affects the large intestine, it is caused mainly by altered bowel motility (altered GI motility) due to miscommunication between the brain and the intestinal tract Read More »

35 scientifically proven ways to get rid of intestinal worms in humans naturally. Maintain proper hygiene. Take 10grams of pumpkin seeds a day. Add papaya seeds into your daily diet. Drink about 12 cups of water a day. Drink two tablespoons apple cider vinegar a day. Eat two cloves of raw garlic a day. Drink 2 teaspoons of onion juice twice daily for 30 days. Take 14 tablespoons of extra virgin coconut oil a day. Take 3-6 ml of male fern root extract a day. Drink two 8-ounce glasses of pineapple juice a day. Eat more soup. Drink two cups of epazote tea a day. Drink 3 cups of oregano tea a day. Take 1/8 teaspoon of wormwood volatile oil before meals for 7 days. Take one tablespoon of organic aloe vera gel three times a day for 14 days. Consume 3-4 bitter almonds a day. Take Vitacost® supplements. Take 6 grams of kidmari powder a day. Drink two cups of hyssop tea a day. Read More »

23 scientifically proven ways to get rid of bad feet odor. Ensure good hygiene. Take a foot bath that removes toxins and bacteria. Use a foot scrub. Try vinegar foot soak. Wear cotton socks and change them daily. Wear shoes with more breathable fabrics to reduce foot-sweat and odor. Wash feet then message using essential oils. Put activated charcoal or carbon insoles in your shoes. Avoid foods that trigger sweating or strong smelling. Read More »

28 scientifically proven ways to lower blood sugar levels naturally at home. Take one tablespoon of pomegranate molasses with one teaspoon of alcohol (95%) a day for 30 days. Drink three cups of morus nigra leaf tea a day. Follow a sugar free diet plan. Eat antidiabetic foods. Drink two cups of bay laurel leaf tea a day. Take 9-15 grams of trichosanthes root powder (Tian Hua Fen) a day. Try whole wheat bread with sour cream and fresh garden cress (lepidium sativum). Drink one cup of arrowroot tea (kudzu tea) a day. Drink two cups of scrophulariaceae (common figwort) tea a day. Take 1 gram of berberine per day for 3 months. Drink two cups of tarragon tea a day. Read More »

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