E Coli infection (коли-инфекция, эшерихиоз) is a bacterial infectious disease caused by infection with Escherichia coli, a gram negative anaerobic bacteria. E Coli infection is usually transmitted by ingesting contaminated food, water or fecal particles…. Read More »

Missed Abortion (threatening or inevitable abortion) is a gynecological pathological situation where an intrauterine pregnancy is present but is no longer developing normally, it is associated with a higher risk of miscarriage or incomplete abortion…. Read More »

Atrophic vaginitis is a gynecological disorder affecting mainly elderly women, it is characterized by mucosal atrophy, erosions, friability, and telangiectasia of the vagina. Atrophic vaginitis can cause urinary incontinence…. Read More »

Eclampsia is a complication of pregnancy in women with preeclampsia that is characterized by convulsive seizures, headache, drowsiness and unexplained coma. It usually occurs somewhere between late second trimester and first week postpartum…. Read More »

Dyspareunia (painful coitus) is a gynecological disorder caused by psychological, pathological, physiological or traumatic factors, it is characterized by introital pain occurring before, during, or after intercourse… Read More »

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