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VMware guest additions are required to make Linux 4.9 work on Windows 10.
VMware tools are one of the most important non-critical components in VMware Player as it allows you to install and run Ubuntu distros with minimal user intervention.
Since the last guest additions update 2 years ago, and Linux OS update, VMware and Ubuntu have dropped or patched most Linux device drivers. To minimize your Ubuntu boot time, we recommend you to disable GPT partition, this requires a root 6add127376 osmnorw

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Scan & Eliminate Malwares & Viruses, Rootkits & other dangerous programs and scripts.
Find & Clean Processes without using CPU.
Scan & Clean File System.
Create Registry Cleaner.
Clean Files from Registry.
An extensive Daily and/or Weekly / Monthly scan schedules list.
Automatically cleans the software, drivers, scheduled tasks and processes.
Uninstall/Reinstall from Registry Repair.
Disk checking with helpful NTFS 6add127376 forury

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The script, while perfectly compatible with Windows XP systems, is capable of getting Java 6 also on newer operating systems. The premise of the project is based on the fact that even if version consumes many resources on the system, it offers some noticeable improvements in speed.

For the same reason that was responsible for jPortable 6add127376 kaelpil

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