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Image playback quality settings
Render interlaced frames
Enable realtime rendering
Enable D3D mode
Enable fullscreen in windowed mode
Upscale game videos
Disable image smoothing (image upscaling only)
Disable dithering
Disable chroma upscaling
Disable banding artifacts removal
Disable anti-aliasing
Set anti-aliasing type
Use a hard-coded gamma curve
Set quality of deinterlaced video frames

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Text editing
Processing the preview text section is a breeze, but it makes sense to go through pieces of messages that might contain different numbers of lines or other formatting. You can toggle between plain text and rich text via a checkbox. Choose output preferences, like deleting unnecessary bulk data, and get the ride out of it.
ImageGuess – guess the real intent of an image for an automation - Sami_Lehtinen 50e0806aeb ginnalee

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