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Broccoli Full Nutrition Profile


Broccoli (البروكولي) is an edible vegetable whose large flower is eaten, it belongs to the cabbage family. The word broccoli is derived from Italian.

Broccoli is highly saturated in ascorbic acid (vitamin C), soluble fiber, and a wide bunch of antioxidants. These antioxidants are essential for maintaining the eye’s health, for empowering the immune system, and in reducing inflammation.

Broccoli is highly saturated in lutein, a carotenoid that prevents from macular degeneration and cataracts. Moreover, Diindolylmethane an antioxidant found in broccoli possess great anti-viral and antibacterial qualities.

Indole-3- carbinol an antioxidant found in broccoli proven to prevent from cellular damage.


We recommend you to eat steamed and/or half-cooked (by means of microwave or stir-fried) broccoli, as boiling greatly reduces the nutritional benefits of broccoli.


Peel the tough outer layer of the stalks and slice into discs, as they are edible and delicious. Cook or steam for a couple of minutes. Remember that the stalks will take longer time to cook than the florets.

Eat fresh Broccoli with low fat dip (olive oil, garlic, few drops of lemon, 1-5g of table salt) or simply enjoy eating it with hummus.

Steam broccoli and serve with low fat Italian cheese sauce, or you can make a light cream of broccoli soup by substituting pureed potato for some or all of the heavy cream.

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