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Canola oil Full Nutrition Profile

Canola oil

How is canola oil processed

Canola oil (زيت الكانولا) is produced from the seeds of a variety of plants in the genus Brassicaceae (a cultivar of Brassica napus L., Brassica rapa subsp. oleifera, syn), once harvested, canola seeds are crushed and smashed, and the oil contained within the seeds is extracted.

Is all canola oil genetically modified

Canola oil is a product of a genetically modified rapeseed plant that contains a small amount of erucic acid, and thus it is important to show the deviation between canola oil and natural rapeseed oil, which is highly saturated in erucic acid (a monounsaturated omega 9 fatty acid) that is toxic to humans.

Is canola oil good for your skin, hair and heart

Canola oil is one of the best oils you can find in the market, as it is highly saturated in both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular health. Moreover, the fatty acids in the oil are helpful for dry skin and help your skin moisturized. In fact, a few drops of canola oil are enough to moisturize your scalp because its anti-dandruff properties.

Can canola oil Fight Depression?

Alpha-linolenic acid is an omega-3 fatty acid with huge nutritional and health benefits as it is effective in reducing depression. Moreover, Canola oil is highly saturated in phytosterols that in turn protect the cardiovascular health by lowering cholesterol.

Is canola oil good for you?


Canola oil has been recommended by healthcare professionals and nutritionists as an excellent oil for healthy cooking, because Canola oil has a high boiling point, and evaporates only at very high temperatures, that makes it an ideal choice for deep-frying, because when you cook food at high temperatures, they will absorb less oil and fat.

Why use canola oil?


Canola oil has no specific taste or odor, and thus fits well in salad dressings, and other baked food/cooked dishes where you need oil without a strong flavor. Moreover, canola oil is ideal for grilling, sauteing, stir-frying and baking because of its high smoke point, health benefits and light flavor.

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