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Carrots Full Nutrition Profile


The carrot (الجزر) is a root-cultivated vegetable of the genus Daucus carota, it is usually orange in color, though purple, red, and yellow varieties exist. The taproot has a crisp texture when fresh and is the most commonly eaten part by human beings, whereas the greens are favorite vegetables for the birds.

Carrots are loaded with beneficial nutrients essential for a healthy organism, and especially vision, as they are highly saturated in beta-carotene that converts in the liver to retinol (vitamin A), which is a key in preserving your night vision (rods), and in maintaining your normal vision (cones). A single serving of carrots contains 3x times the daily optimal dose of vitamin A (retinol).

Carrots contain many nutrients such as the polyacetylenes, falcarinol and falcarindiol, proven to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Moreover, they are highly saturated in fiber that helps in protecting the cardiovascular health.


Avoid boiling carrots to preserve the nutritional value in them, as boiling decrease the amount of nutrients loaded in it.


Carrots have a blossoming sweet taste that fits in well in various kitchens. Moreover, all over the globe they regard carrots for being one of the best natural appetizers.

Peel carrots and cut them into matchsticks, add a pinch of lemon, salt, and enjoy with a cup of Mexican beer.

Fry carrot matchsticks in canola oil or simply steamed them until tender, and add them to your dinner as a dinner appetizer, or mix them with other fried or steamed vegetables for a healthy salad. Additionally, carrots fit well in lemon salads and coleslaw.

Try roasting carrots with potatoes and pees in the oven for 20-30 minutes at 400 degrees, roast until tender, as roasting brings out their sweetness, and then chop into small pieces, add mayonnaise, a pinch of lemon, ½ teaspoon white pepper, ½ teaspoon table salt. Enjoy!

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