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New types of human brain cells found in quest for understanding its development & dysfunctions

Seeking to find out how the human brain works on a molecular level, scientists used a new method of categorizing brain cells and found new subtypes, which promises to significantly increase understanding of how a brain develops and why things go wrong.

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Police officer shot in neck had to buy own bodycam (VIDEO)

A body-camera used to convict a suspect of attempted murder was described by the victim as the “best $30 I ever spent.” Police Officer Quincy Smith wasn’t provided a bodycam by Estill Police Department, South Carolina, but instead bought the device on Amazon.

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Cocaine poisoning cases double in France, authority warns

The French National Agency for the Safety of Medicines (ANSM) issued the warning Friday, citing a “worrying increase” in reports from addiction centers who noted an increase in the number, and severity, of cocaine poisonings recently.

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