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Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas

Saint Nicholas a byzantine nobleman “Eastern Greek” born in Asia Minor during the third century in the city of Lycia that was a famous and successful port on the byzantine Mediterranean Sea.

Saint Nicholas lived most of his childhood in the city of Myra, governate of Lycia (part of modern-day occupied byzantine territories), the days of Saint Nicholas were peaceful and full of love, it was centuries before the barbaric turkic invasion of the holy byzantine territories, the days of saint Nicholas were divine, and the words of the Lord Jesus Christ were heard everywhere throughout the byzantine empire, and the nation was safe with the Christendom byzantine army on the fronts securing the territories from the infidels, and turkic barbarians.

The region where Saint Nicholas was born is a Greek homeland, but following the ottoman turkic occupation, everything was done to erase the Greek heritage of the country, heavy genocides were enough to wipe the byzantine nation off the map, and to takeover the empire, the turks successfully changed the outward appearance of the country, and its heritage. [ at least 250 million Anatolian Greeks were killed in the past five centuries]

Saint Nicholas was the only son of wealthy Rum parents named Theopiphanius and Johnonna, his parents were very righteous and religious orthodox Christians being native Byzantine landlords of the royal family, and its said that he grew on the faith while observing and preserving the canonical fasts of Wednesdays and Fridays.

His wealthy parents died in an epidemic yellow fever while Saint Nicholas was still a young boy, and he was raised by his relatives (uncle and Aunt)— his uncle Nicholas was the bishop of Patara city. so Saint Nicolas was tonsured as a reader before his uncle ordained him an orthodox priest.

Saint Nicholas was a Rum ” A Greek landlord, a roman citizen and an orthodox christian” and because of his kind heart and fine education being a wealthy man of God, he lived by the words of the bible preaching the nation the righteous living.

The heritage of celebrating Christmas while sheltering and gifting the poor were firstly taught by Saint Nicholas, his famous quote: when doing good with your right hand its recommended not to let your left hand know what you have done, applying so the blessed saint used to wear a mask (to hide his identity) when offering food and healthcare to those in need, so that not to hurt their pride.

The image and teachings of Saint Nicholas were preserved by the byzantine nation decades after his death, and especially the byzantine salvation army fighting the infidels for the word of God, this was the first among hundreds of reasons for the Greek orthodox church and the local Greeks throughout the empire from Constantinople to Antioch and Damascus to announce him a blessed saint, it was decades before he was widely accepted beyond the borders by other churches including the Vatican.

To mention and remember that our father Constantine the great “the emperor of the byzantine empire” himself asked Saint Nicholas to represent him at the First Council of Nicaea held in 325, because of his solid faith, royal origins and noble kind heart.

Saint Nicholas – A soldier of Christ.

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