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Media Corporation International | Medcoi is a leading global company that provides Health solutions to enhance patient care, cut costs and increase efficiency. We operate worldwide in more than 100 cities, with a network of 2,000 Clinics and more than 3000 physicians we provide care at more than 500 care locations.

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Our workforce incorporates professionals and experts in the fields of medicine, journalism, marketing, business and IT development. We are dedicated to fulfill the needs of the market and to satisfy the demands of our loyal customers and clients.

An icon in the new millennium, Medcoi dedicated a full section for the development of customer service, by emailing us, you comply to our ' TERMS OF SERVICE'.

Your questions will be handled by our expert team and you will receive a full response within 24 hours.

We dedicated an online portal to manage your questions and requests # support. Choose what suits you best.